Adam Somlai-Fischer (Prezi Co-Founder) @ Wayra, Prague

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Recently I was lucky enough to see Adam Somlai-Fischer (architect & designer & Prezi Co-Founder) live in action at the Wayra Offices in Prague. He was talking to start-up-people and interested regular folk (including myself) about how Prezi began, how Prezi evolved into what it is now and also a tiny bit about what may happen in the future.

Take a look at some of my snapshots from the event and read some thoughts on his presentation below:

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Topic-wise he was really focussing on start-up-specific issues, which was totally adequate since 90% of the people present were people who were involved with a start-up venture in some shape or form. Still he made some universally interesting points that I would like to shed some light on in an effort to recap the event for myself and anyone interested:

  • His Prezi presentation was exactly what I wished it would be: Not a graphically blown up sensationally designed masterpiece that actually ruins the audience’s ability to focus on the content, but a handsome and non-threatening design which made sense and at the same time didn’t distract from the content.
  • Adam talked a lot about visual thinking and how that aspect is one of his top priorities in a) life, in b) his art and c) in his profession as Prezi Co-Founder in charge of visuals and graphics. Do I need to mention that this is of course not his official title but my attempt to describe his function at Prezi?
  • I have been working with Prezi for many years. I have been following the evolution of the user interface and of the results that users have been able to create over the years. What I wasn’t aware of is, how cool (and I want you to understand that adjective in the most positive way possible) the people at Prezi obviously are. In stark contrast to a lot of corporations they are staying true to their original goals and values: They really want to easily empower people to make awesome presentations.

And I have to add some details on Prezi’s “Do no evil”-business-approach: Prezi supports education…where else do you get a license that usually costs $ 59 totally for free? Plus they have got a bike repair man instead of company cars. Plus they renovate poor Roma’s homes from time to time. Plus they convinced 100 companies to take part in Budapest’s Gay Pride Parade. Plus plus plus…Make sure to check out this Prezi by Adam Somlai-Fischer on how to invent things (especially from path point 177, “power is a mean”).

Want to attract talented and creative people? This Prezi (especially its “charity “part) is pretty much the manual to succeed at that in this day and age, I think.

Further reading (in Czech):

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